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Grateful Dead Live at Augusta Civic Center on 1984-10-12

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Grateful Dead Live at Augusta Civic Center on 1984-10-12

Set 1

Feel Like A Stranger, It Must Have Been The Roses, On The Road Again, Jack A Roe, It's All Over Now, Cumberland Blues, The Music Never Stopped

Set 2

Cold Rain & Snow, Lost Sailor-> Saint Of Circumstance-> Don't Need Love-> Uncle John's Band-> Drums-> Playin' Reprise-> Uncle John's Band-> Morning Dew, E: Good Lovin'

Final / last "On The Road Again"

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue Augusta Civic Center
Location Augusta, ME

Source Matrix of SBD (shnid=5585) and AUD (shnid=8795) by Jubal H. Seamons using Final Cut Pro (SHN > AIFF > Final Cut > AIFF CD tracking via Audacity > FLAC16 via xACT w/meta-tagging)
Transferred by Hunter Seamons


*Final performance (previous performance: 4/19/83 U. of Maine)

SBD (shnid=5585):

Master Soundboard Cassette > Reel to Reel > DAT> CDR

There are some minor technical difficulties throughout, most prevelant
during "Cold Rain & Snow," "Lost Sailor" and "Saint of Circumstance."

CDR ReMastering / Patching by Scott Clugston
EAC'ed / SHN'ed by Scott Clugston

[Sizable cut after the main portion of UJB through the rest of the show]

AUD (shnid=8795):

Source: Oade Recording -- FOB -- Schoeps CMC 441> Oade M118 >
Sony TC D5>DATs (@44.1k).
DAT>SHN -- Sony PCM-M1>Coax 7 pin>Zoltrix Nightingale (coax mod)>
Soundforge 5.0 (No Processing)>CDWAV (track splitting)>SHN (Seekable)

Thanks to JJ for the DAT DAT>CDR x-fer by darrin (
Seeded to etree 4/12/02

[Beginning of CR&S patched with Greg Holtz's AUD recording (shnid=101952), transferred by Jamie Waddell (GEMS): Nakamichi CM-100 mics with CP-4 shotgun caps to a Sony D-5 stereo cassette recorder.]

Thank you to Scott Clugston for the SBD transfer,
to Doug Oade for recording the show,
to Darrin Sacks for the AUD transfer,
and to Greg Holtz and Jamie Waddell for supplying the AUD patch.
Thank you to Rob Bertrando for help with pitch correction,
and to hentairobsan2012 for suggesting this matrix.


Reviewer: skootz - favoritefavoritefavorite - November 25, 2014
Subject: all we have are opinions
I guess there's no point in expressing the idea that there is NO "best" or Worst" of anything--ALL Art is subjective, right? Having said that, *I* usually just stick with songs I already know...which may mean I'm missing out on a lot of songs/performances I just might like if I gather up some courage...So I listened to CRAS and kinda liked it...Generally the Jerry ballads can be a bit too slow for me--it's hard for me to listen to HE'S GONE for that reason; But CRAS is mid-tempo IMO and I appreciate that...CUMBERLAND BLUES is "hot" instrumentally if weak vocally--like most "recent" versions I've heard...harmony has never been the Grateful dead's strong suit IMO--and yet UJB sounds pretty good to me...certain people may think otherwise, but I don't feel like a "newbie" so much now...I have my favorites ("Eyes..." from RFK 6/10/73 and "Shakedown" from the Uptown Theatre 12/05/79 to name two)and there's LOTS to listen to...the Music Never Stops...
Reviewer: c-freedom - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 25, 2014
Subject: A long crazy night
This review is prompted to defend the honor of this show in much the same way fights in a playground start after someone ranks on someone else's Mom.
I had pretty much assumed that this show was so far ahead of anything else that anyone would want to throw against it from 1984. (Yes, even the Berkeley D. Star show although if you put up a BCT show from November I could understand that)
So for the record I have the great pleasure of telling one and all this is the best show of 84.
I am just sitting down to the Stranger and it is just a flat our jam and the rhythm in running on that Shakedown vibe.
This is also the recording you want to listen to this show with because Hunter S. has the sound mastered. I can hear the music clearly and I can also tell the crowd is going N-U-T-S.
That Stranger clocked in at a solid 10 minutes.
So what makes a hot show. How about after you dance your butt off for 10 minutes Jerry brings one of the sweetest ballads in the GD catalog.
I don't have my Deadbase any more but as I recall 'Roses' was a pretty rare tune by this time.
Now just listen to Jerry take his solo it is just dripping. "All I know is I could not leave her there"
So what you going to play Bobby. Oh I hear it already bouncing around the hall. A few heads picked up on it. And just for the record it is the final ON THE ROAD AGAIN. Now that is loose right there. Third song of 1st set. The Board messing with Bobby's vocals. Listen to the harmonies on this. Flashback 1980 Radio City.
Except this is electric and very feisty.
So Garcia what is your call? Crowd is already in a frenzy. zap! A double time JACK A ROE again if memory serves me not a common song in 84. Listen to the pace of this tune they are tearing it up. How fast can you dance to this? well you better get on it because train is leaving station, rocket leaving for Jupiter.
It is that contrast between Garcia's laid back vocals and the frantic pace of the song that get's me dancing.
The next tune is a nod to the Stones and they do Mick and the boys proud. I caught this tune at Meadowlands and folks were dancing so hard the security at Byrne had to turn their faces away for fear their plastic gear would melt thus encasing them forever with EVENT STAFF labeled to their foreheads.
I love any tune where Jerry gets to belt out backing vocals example-Promised Land.
Listen to Brent on the Organ he is shucking and jiving it. Always had to half Step when he plays the organ. Weir taking a ride on the slide. Here comes Jerry. He just sounds awesome. And the group jam is tasty as well.
Now the only thing I don't have yet is the Phil Zone but wait for it. here comes the Cumberland Blues. As a rule of thumb any show that I went to where Cumberland was played was a show with lots of Phil in the mix.
I thought they were flying on the Jack-O-Roe just listen to the pace of this Cumberland. And here is the point where I think things really start to gel. First off the jamming is stellar , the vocals on the Cumberland are over the top it is like Brent and jerry are throwing themselves into the lyrics. Here comes Bob's verse. Nice harmonies Jerry's voice a little stressed but he is using what he has to full effect. Jerry is just tearing it up and Brent has switched over to a picking type piano sound almost like the train effect in old bluegrass tunes. (like in LET IT ROCK)
Sound dropped out on the back end of Cumberland
just briefly. Sound back
Dang, MUSIC, so if you are not totally spent Bobby is going to pound you now. Not saying this is the best Music Never that I have heard, (Hersey P.A. probably my favorite of the 80's)
But the thing I always try to get a feel for is how is the Band playing and to me they are just bursting at the seams. I am not sure there is a way to measure shear volume but this MUSIC is fat.
And Listen to Jerry he came to play tonight.
2nd set. Why is there a difference between a Rain and Snow opener in 1st or 2nd set? I am not sure but the 2nd set opener just seems a bit more warm. Rain & Snow is one of the rare tunes that I enjoyed every time I heard it. It never seemed dated to me. This is a good choice for Garcia because he doesn't have to force his range.
When everyone joins him on the backing vocals you can feel the place getting ready to blow!
"I married me a wife, been trouble all my life"
Reminds me of Henny Youngman used to say, "Take my wife, please" they say the day Youngman's wife of over 60 years died in 1987 that was the last time Henny ever said that as part of his show.
Lost Sailor>Saint of Circumstance= This song coupled I always enjoyed. If you are a dancer this song just had great dance vibe to it. I might dance in the same spot for most of a show but when they played this tune I was off to the races.
The worst thing that ever happened was breaking up Sailor and Saint and even worse was giving up on Sailor because Saint was never the same after that.
Don't no if you ever did this but I would break up songs into elements:
Cold Rain and Snow= SNOW
Sailor>Saint= RAIN
Don't Need LOVE=ICE
There has been some static bouncing around during 2nd set. I think someone finally killed the Maine Coon as Brent plays Don't need Love.
You know this is the most bluesy Dead tune since Pigpen belted out the Stranger (Two Souls)
Some folks tried to play up that Jerry hated this tune because when Brent played it pre-drumz then Jerry would duck out on it. I really think this was just a case of not much Garcia could do with the tune. anyway I think it finally got back to Garcia. And this night Jerry came back out and sat in on the tune and then guided the band into Uncle John's that my friends is why I treasure this show. It was Jerry Garcia coming along Brent and proclaiming "I can hear your voice" From this point on I felt like 900,000 tons of steel were lifted off Brent's chest.
The thing I now like about DON'T NEED LOVE is it is brutally honest. If you have been jilted this song captures the emotions you are left with. (even if it wasn't the easiest tune to hear live.)
This is a very special Uncle John's Band.(no words beyond that)
The jam into drumz is very nice!
The entire UJB clocking in a full 16 minutes the last three of which find Garcia doing some cool noodling. Almost like we are going to get a meltdown and then I am thinking maybe China Doll and yes a case could be made that P.I.T.B was in the offering as well but eventually we get the rhythm section. And Ten Minutes of donkey kicking boot stomping Drumming well more like 8 minutes and then two minutes of the beam and some of that electronic stuff. Now hope you didn't do something foolish like leave the hall for a soda/ bathroom break because the SPACE as Garcia said, 'was the most creative part of the show for him' he I referring of course to post 70's. And this Space finds the Boys off exploring that little bit of noodling they left us with Pre-drumz
To me there are hints of the Other One here but it is mostly Jerry riffing. This point in the show often reminded me of Jimmy Page doing that crazy stuff with his guitar and the violin bow.
The Space finally hits the Main Ten and we are off again. You know we didn't get those monster end of 1st set P.I.T.B in the 80's but I found the boys were extremely creative in weaving in and out of PLAYING. You got to love the way they are rallying around the tune yet at the same time heading off in different directions.
This is actually the REPRISE so I am not sure if this was a PLAYING from sometime else on this tour. (Note to self-P.I.T.B started the previous night 10/11/84-Augusta)
Here is the REPRISE and it is rocking. Just bet you that some heads were puzzling that reprise and just to confuzzle a little more here comes the rare UNCLE JOHN'S RERISE. and by this time unless you are writing a setlist down you start thinking wow they are playing songs as I think of them. What did they play?=EVERYTHING!!! Here that DEW coming. Now it is Jerry's turn he has been playing his butt off all night now he is total center stage. Like PIGPEN back in the day. School is in session. This is JERRY GARCIA, this is why we went from town to town and around and around, to shake the hand that shook the hand. Something about Maine almost like it is detached from the madness of the East Coast. You can still look folks in the eye without starting a fight and shake someone's hand bone to bone. Anyway, a gigantic MORNING DEW with Jerry both playing and singing his tail off.
Mercifully the east coast rhythmic clapping is actually in time tonight. Pretty soulful.
"I guess it doesn't matter anyway"
Encore= GOOD LOVE--This just makes me tingle!!!
How high is the energy level at the end of this show. YOU COULD DRIVE ALL NIGHT TO HARTFORD AND ONLY BREATH ONCE.
Reviewer: Chris P - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 13, 2013
Subject: I was There
I remember folks climbing up a drain pipe , then grabbing the open window frame of the bathroom , then they would swing over and into the window, Other folks busted the windows around the main doors, needless to say the place was packed the second night, Jerry playing along with Don't Need Love for the first time, then the Uncle Johns of a lifetime, and the combo reprises Playin-Uncle Johns, Dew, Good Lovin encore, woo, who ! I remember some folks who had engine trouble with their VW van,, They pushed it over on it's side in a ditch, removed the engine the first day, and had all back together and on the road by the second evening. :)
Reviewer: doug_the_dude - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 10, 2013
Subject: --
Probably the best source to hear this show, as the prominent cuts in the boards and auds make a complete experience not easy - thanks to Mr. Seamons for making this old favorite (one of my first tapes in the good, gone days) come to life complete.

Set 1 is total dynamite. I think this is actually the real essence of this show; every cut is played complete and to its fullest extent - culminating in that Cumberland - W-O-W! But don't just listen to Cumberland alone - in context with the rest of the set it represents the full-throttle unleashing of all that energy they'd been building.

Set 2 - unusual setlist, but then again it was always about how they played what the played, not what they played....still, this one makes for a bit of an unusual journey; the energy from the first set continues to spill over and some weird buzzing glitches kind of threaten to damper the show, the boys push through Sailor > Saint and sail through Brent's lounge-y Don't Need Love. Now, to put this one in the middle of the 2nd set suite is weird, because it's not a very good song - but for Brent it's listenable, even pleasant - it's kind of like being on 'pause' for a second, as the lyrics aren't particularly involving, nor is the music building towards anything - it just kind of pleasantly coasts, with that, I can stand to see it as a "nachos and beer" intervention much more than missing the fireworks of Drums > Space like a lot of heads can....of course, the real meat of this 2nd set is UJB through to Morning Dew - just sublime playing, check the other reviews, everyone is right on target with all of this - for '84 this is as good as I've heard them play.
Reviewer: jbyerly2 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 25, 2013
Subject: Been Waiting A Long time
I come here and look ever so often to see if any new uploads of some of the shows I've been to. As is posted else where on this site, 10/12/84 change my life forever. Not to disrespect any of the great tapers out there but I always consider the Oades recording to be the most representative of the shows till I heard this recording. I always wondered what happened to the board copy that the end of the show was cut but I must say that you did great job with this mix.

This show deserves to be released and this Matrix proves to me that a worthy mix is attainable for a release. The world needs to hear this show
Reviewer: dustbowltom - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 25, 2013
Subject: Best "later" era ...Cold Rain and Snow EVER!
Yeah crank it up to 11!!
Reviewer: micah6vs8 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 19, 2013
Subject: CR&S
Jerry's vocals and Bobby's guitar make this an All Timer.

My go to source for a show I still listen to frequently.
Reviewer: Folkhippy - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 9, 2012
Subject: 1984 does it again
It has been my experience that 1984 contains a lot of happy surprises (see 6/9, 6/10, 6/27, 6/30, 11/02, 11/03). Get ready to be surprised. The Stranger opener is about the best I have ever heard. Lost/Saint only worked out really well at a few shows, and tonight was one of them (see also 1979-11-24). Bobby really gets into the last refrain ("Sure don't know what I'm goin' for! What the fuck you gonna do?"). Enjoy the 42:32 UJB>Drums>Space>PITB Reprise>UJB after some Brent cheesyness. Wrap that up with a Dew closer and a high-energy Good Lovin', and we'll call this one of the best shows of 1984.

As for the recording, I can't thank you enough Hunter. The sound quality is just exactly perfect.
Reviewer: bstrohl - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 11, 2012
Subject: Grate Show
Check it out
Reviewer: SomeDarkHollow - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 20, 2011
Subject: Worth The Wait
Like the previous review says, the available AUDs and SBDs of this show may not be the best, but HS works his magic and combines the two into what I feel is the best available source out there right now.
I wont go into the show itself, as I have many, many times before, only to say that the power and emotion on display by the band, particularly Jerry who despite his physical decay during this time, is able to dig down and rip this show up.
Dew alone gets 5 stars from me.
Reviewer: Dylan M - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 19, 2011
Subject: Best source
Had ahold of the fixed SBD for years and though this was a highly regarded show performance wise, I was always turned off by the technical anomalies.

J.H. Seamon's matrix recording is undoubtedly the best show for this bust out. It's not 100% perfect, with some airy patches of only AUD scattered about, but still totally worth the download as the best source.

First set smokes in its entirety. And though there are some buzzing sounds during CR&S and Sailor>Saint, its still totally listen-able. Don't Need Love is heart-wrenching and performed well, this song could have been a slick studio cut had it been practiced on more imho. UJB Drums Space wrap around is rare and a nice Playin' reprise out of space finishing up what the first night started. Dew set closer solidifies this an as "on" night, simply rip roarin'.

Thanks for restoring this show the best you could! Sounds great!
Reviewer: DannyHo - favoritefavoritefavorite - December 19, 2011
Subject: Thank you
Thanks for putting this out there. I have never been one to "review" a show, but of the few I went to, this is one that sticks out. I was 16 and had "left home" to see string of shows. The show was pretty mind blowing and I remember feeling lucky to get in. My friend had my ticket and we had gotten separated in our car caravan driving up from NH. We had no real plan to meet, so I climbed a tree at the only entrance to get a good vantage point & looked for his car as he drove in. No myface, no email or cellphone. I found him, eventually. The venue was small and was like seeing the Dead in a high school gym (it actually was a college gym, U of Maine). Jerry seemed happy to be there. Show highlights...meeting Tom Constantine walking around, hanging with 2 older hippies that only saw the band in Maine(each had seen over 40 shows over the years), "Jack a Roe", Jerry's crispness and the feeling of being a little too high because every song in the second set sounded like "Playing in the Band/Uncle Johns" to me. Great "Cold Rain & Snow" in which they were so out there, I forgot the tune for a minute or three. There were more people trying to get in the show than were actually in the show itself. Good times. RIP Barry Sharkey.
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